2024 NEWS!!!

As many of you who follow us are aware, our bussines is growing and expanding our catalog of automotive Miniature art pieces as well as our custom recreations of automotive rolling sculpture.

Here are some new programs and policies we are initiating that you will find exciting.

  • Our catalog of high-quality 3D parts is expanding. There will be many new wheels, parts and surprises starting in the first quarter. Keep watching us on Facebook, Instagram and our MIY Minimodels website. We run the world’s largest wheel shop for miniature cars in all scales!
  • We are about to initiate some short run, exclusive finished models in 1/18th scale that have never been done before and that will be sought-after. As we make the announcements, we will allow preorders.
  • We will continue to accept commissions to create in miniature customer cars in small scale, special requests and other customs from a diecast base model. We are well-known for our unique one-off conversions, with accuracy, paint and detail at museum quality. As of February 1, our base price for this conversion will start from 450 € plus shipping and the cost of the donor model. Considering the quality (as evidenced by our testimonials and images on our portfolio pages), the amount of preparation work including computer design, rendering and 3D part engineering as required, the use of only top branded paints and materials, the application of the finest customized and proprietary 3D printed parts, the laborious hand craftmanship to assemble and finish, a survey of other high-end custom modelers’ craftsmanship, prices and timetables, and the fact that these models are defined as art objects for serious collectors, we have set our prices to be both competitive and affordable. In addition, we will continue to offer optional extras.
  • We will be increasing our social media and web presence, expanding our easy-to-access catalog, promoting your custom cars in a bigger portfolio with a broader reach.

We really appreciate everything that you – our patrons - have done to help us grow, we look forward to bigger and better challenges – and success – in the future!

Sincerly yours ,

Eduard - founder of MIYminimodels.