Our story began some 20 years ago driven by the passion of building models and went from hobby to business as MIY MINI MODELS SRL was founded in 2005. We are now an expending company based in Europe, Romania, with a vast experience in modifying die-cast/resin models and manufacture of high quality 3D printed parts. We proud our self with hundreds of exclusive models delivered along the years and thousands of products sold worldwide.
We are specialized in a wide range of professional services such as commission jobs, 3D printed plug&play parts, tailor made 3D printed accesories for your models and virtually pretty much anything related to mainly 1/18 or other scale models. We only use the best materials and the latest technologies available at this moment, to deliver our customers the ultimate high end final products.
We let our clients dictate our products! That's our concept. Which means you decide what you need and what you'll want us to build for you. All our parts and commission jobs are the result of almost 30 years of experience and have been developed with great care by our team. Pretty much all of them are exclusively offered at miyminimodels.com and can't be purchased anywhere else in the world!
At miyminimodels.com we make dreams come true! We started this company with the vision of helping collectors and model tuners around the world to get the products they've always dreamed about, but couldn't find them anywhere on the market. We had the desire to offer you, the passionate about cars one, the chance of holding in your hands the model you've always dreamed about, not to mention the possibility to offer a mind blowing present to your dear ones.